First Sunday Look:Benjamin Bixby

Darling you made me wait so long! Well...you really made him wait so long. Finally gentlemen a look I'll appreciate for you. A rather First Sunday look at that because when I see a well dressed individual...two words pop up in my head, "First Sunday". You know, that day of the week mama is opposed to jeans, sneakers, and Hanes socks. In my case, a day when I had to be in my best dressed plus pressed (hair) for that good ol'day of church... First Sunday.

So I leave you...him (especially) with your First Sunday Look: Benjamin Bixby. I've been waiting for this and Andre Benjamin has actually been waiting on fashion with his Class of 1935 look. As a designer, Benjamin has spent several years working on his 70 odd piece collection. Inspired by football players from the thirties and other collegiate themes, his collection consists of sweaters, striped dress shirts, cordouroy blazers and high waisted trousers. In addition the causal styles will begin with polos and thermal knits with embroidered logos.

See...this is why I am eloping with Benjamin Bixby's carbon copy in the future. My gentlemen...please get ready Fall 2008. I want to see to you in Benjamin Bixby on First Sunday.


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